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What is PlugWiz?


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PlugWiz is the worldwide leader in “Making Cents of Clean Technology.”  Our company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help the everyday consumer decide whether an electric vehicle or other clean technology product is right for them, while helping electric utilities and technology providers refine their offerings.


Founded in 2010 by former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan classmates Andre Ramirez and Chris Gaudet, PlugWiz was conceived through meticulous research into new business models for energy efficiency, green and sustainable real estate, and the value of wind data analytics to energy traders.

Throughout the development of their ideas, it became clear to Andre and Chris that there was no simple, transparent and consumer friendly resource for determining the costs and benefits clean technology products.

After working to develop the algorithm for their flagship PlugWiz Tool (beta)—a comprehensive EV cost analysis tool that incorporates available end user, utility, and EV technology information —Andre and Chris shifted PlugWiz into high gear, winning the confidence of their first advisor, Jamey D. Power IV, son of J.D. Power and former SVP at JD Power & Associates.

How We Go About “Making Cents of Clean Technology”

Research and reason prove that people are more likely to make decisions about new technology or new habits after being informed of how their actions will affect them in a material way.  PlugWiz aims to do just that.

  • Our mission is to educate consumers on the electric vehicle and other clean technology choices available to them. To achieve this, PlugWiz provides unbiased, consumer friendly information and cost comparison tools.
  • We are not limited by restrictive government regulations; therefore, we are able to provide consumers with accurate clean technology information.
  • We are not an advocacy group and we DO NOT sell the technology discussed on our PlugWiz website.
  • Our exclusive PlugWiz EV tool enables consumers to determine the real cost of driving on electricity specific to their utility company’s rates and EV programs.
  • PlugWiz helps consumers connect with the money-saving options and incentives offered through utility companies, government entities, and EV manufacturers.
  • PlugWiz works with technology companies such as automakers and utilities to validate information and communicate important incentive and/or safety and reliability messaging such as “charge your car at night” to customers.
  • Utilities seeking to determine where cars will be charging for safety and reliability purposes can do so through our predictions, which are based on our comprehensive data and analytics.
  • Utility companies that bear the “”Plugged In” designation are those who work with PlugWiz to validate their EV utility rates and programs.

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The data and tools produced by PlugWiz are the result of working cooperatively with utility and technology companies throughout the United States. We invite these and other entities that understand the importance of providing clean technology customers with tested and validated information to Contact Us.

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